Sunday, July 12, 2009

portland, oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain't love then tell me what is, uh huh...

Days 12-15, Portland, Oregon

I really cannot say enough good things about Portland. As I've told many people, it is probably a combination of Portland's amazingness and the amazingness of my hosts.

I arrived (more than a little exhausted) on Sunday afternoon to the greetings of my cousin Jamie and her wee l'il (18 months old) daughter Leah. Thusly ensuing was an immensely relaxing, terribly pleasant and wholly invigorating 4 days in an amazing city with some amazing family.

It's the funny thing about family. I have met my cousin perhaps 10 times in my life, her husband twice (once being the wedding). But it is something about blood (especially having really cool blood) that just makes being with family feel like being at home.

We did some outdoor concerts (one in the calderra of a volcano!) and a day hike and some cooking and wandering. It was a killer week and I feel ready to conquer the rest of my trip.

Anywho, some BU is about to show up at my exceedingly sketchy little motel in San Francisco and I must be off for the evening. More on SF tomorrow.

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