Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another stolen hour

I purchased a number of entertaining road trip supplies this evening, including emergency antifreeze, emergency oil, emergency jumper cables, an emergency maglite, emergency (root) beer, emergency pants, etc...

In more interesting news (not really)...behold! An itinerary!

T June 23- Depart Ballston Spa
T 6/23- S 6/27- Six Flags, DC, Columbus (Roese Family, OSU)
S 6/27- M 6/29- Milwaukee (Brandes!?, Summerfest)
M 6/29- S 7/4- Madison (Visit UWisc), Minneapolis (Visit UMN), the Dakotas, Montana (Jakeums!)
Su 7/5- Sa 7/11- Seattle to San Francisco (Portland, etc...)
Su 7/12- W 7/15- California Stuff
W 7/15- Su 7/19- LALA Land (USC, fun, etc...)
Su 7/19- LA to Vegas
M 7/20- Sa 7/25- Vegas to Denver via AZ and UT
Su 7/26- Sa 8/1- Denver to (Buy Art, Visit UT, Eat Queso) New Orleans (ambitious) 
Su 8/2- NOLA to NC (Good people, UNC)
T 8/4- NC to DC
W 8/5- DC to NYC...NYC through the weekend

Okay, so hardly revolutionary, exact or necessarily sane, but I'ma make it happen.

It was brooding out today, and I am always brooding so I got on with today quite well. I'm thinking about really eliminating most of the clothes that I bring...I mean plaid is plaid. And jeans are jeans. They both hide stains well...I don't smell that bad...

Whatever. I'm just getting stoked.

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